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Center for Lifelong Learning for Caruthersville, Pemiscot County, And the surrounding areas of the Bootheel and SEMO

Welcome to Caruthersville's Lifelong Learning Center

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Caruthersville Public Library contains over 25,000 books, along with numerous magazines, videos, computers for public use, two conference rooms - one with a large-screen smart television - and the Baxter Southern Auditorium, which is a 104-seat theater/auditorium with projection screen and internet capability for conferences and events. The library also contains a children's room with books on a variety of reading levels, from board books and easy reading to juvenile fiction and non-fiction, and a genealogy room houses hundreds of volumes for various states, along with a microfilm reader and a designated computer.

Library cards are available free of charge for all citizens living within the city limits of Caruthersville. Those who live outside of the city limits of Caruthersville (but have a Caruthersville address) may receive a card for $10.00 per family per year; other non-residents can pay $20.00 a year for the entire family to use.

Copies are available for .25 each; To fax a document, the charge is $1.00 a page and receiving a fax is .25 a page. Scanning is available for $1.00 a page as is notary service for $2.00.

Conference rooms may be reserved by calling the library or checking with the circulation desk during open hours.

We are honored to accept your donations in honor of or in memory of a friend or loved one. Our circulation desk is happy to help you with the details and we will send a card to the family and also list your contribution in the newspaper.

The Pemiscot County Historical Society is housed in our building and is open to the public on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 1-3 p.m. You may e-mail them directly at

We are always happy to accept your old or read books and magazines in good condition. This enables you to find a good home for materials you are wanting to get rid of and help us to share items like magazines that we may not have with other patrons. If the books can fill a need in the collection, they may be added to the shelves; otherwise they will be placed on the "For Sale" cart. Thank you in advance!

Books and materials discarded from the library are for sale twice a year during the Library's HUGE Book Sale, held in January and July.

Friends of the Library always welcome new members and new ideas. Check at the circulation desk for information.

We hope you will visit Caruthersville Public Library and it is our goal to make it an enjoyable stay for you and your family. We are always striving to improve, so feel free to share your suggestions and ideas to make YOUR library better serve your needs.

NEW!!! Caruthersville Public Library has announced that through a grant from the State of MO, we have received over 150 new adult non-fiction books on a variety of subjects, ranging from nutrition and healthy eating to parenting and spiritual development to social concerns. Often, information on these subjects is outdated in libraries, since research and culture changes so quickly, so having these new modern and updated volumes will allow patrons to read more fully developed information than they might find by searching on the internet alone. This project was funded through an IMLS-LSTA grant, enabling the patrons of Caruthersville Public Library to benefit from the grant with a freshly updated adult non-fiction section.

Code of Conduct Rules (Adopted by the Board of Trustees in January, 2016)

Caruthersville Public Library seeks to provide quality library service to all users in a safe and pleasant environment that is conducive to educational and recreational study and research. Any behavior that is disruptive or that inhibits Caruthersville Public Library from ensuring a safe environment or interferes with the use of the library may elicit an appropriate response to deny access to facilities and/or services. Each person can help by respecting the rights of others and complying with the following while on library property.

Examples of unacceptable behaviors include (but are not limited to):

· Inappropriate Activities; running, shoving, throwing objects, physical or verbal harassment or threats, loud talking, sleeping, smoking, bathing, washing clothes, gambling,

· Misuse of Library Property; damaging, vandalizing or destroying library property, equipment or materials, theft of library material, failure to follow Caruthersville Public Library’s internet use and safety policy

· Using another person’s library card or identifying information

· Using furniture in any manner for which it was not intended

· Leaving children or persons in need of continuous supervision unattended

· Bringing animals into the Library except for service animals, or animals used in Library programs and/or presentations

· Possessing or consuming alcohol or marijuana, illegal drugs or being under their influence

· Performing any illegal act or conduct in violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance, or regulation

· Disturbing other patrons or employees of the Library so far as to disrupt their use of the Library or their work

· Inappropriate attire or poor hygiene

· Soliciting money, donations, or selling items

· Staff may restrict adult use of children’s areas

· Photographing other users of the Library without written permission

Any violation of the code of conduct may result in suspension of library privilegesand access to facilities and/or services. The Director may temporarily ban a patron, denying access to all facilities and/or services within the Caruthersville Public Library. A patron with suspended privileges may appeal a suspension in writing to the President of the Board of Trustees. The Director or designee will respond to the appeal. The decision of the Director is final.


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